5 Tips for Taking the Best Summer Travel Photos

Summer is almost over and some of us are getting ready to take our last-minute summer vacations!  I’d love to know where you are going, let me know in the comments!  With summer vacation (or even fall travel), it is custom to take photos on our vacation!  Right?!  Who doesn’t love wandering around a new city or throughout a new country snapping photos of sites they have never been to before!?  Who doesn’t want to take a piece of this new city or country back with them through that lens!

lonely camper sits on side of mountain thinking

I know that through my travels, I have taken a lot of photos.  Each new place I went, I would try to figure out a new way to capture what I was seeing, but in all reality I was capturing the same thing someone else had already captured a thousand times over.  A lot of those photos were absolutely useless by the time I got back home!  Of course, the ones that weren’t useless I treasure to this day!

Your experience is going to be different!  I want you to capture photos that are unique to YOU and that you are absolutely going love!  After thinking through some of the things that I wasn’t doing when I was just snapping away on my own vacations, I wanted to share a few tips for taking better Summer Vacation photos with you for your next vacation!!

So how do we take better photos?!

  1. When you can, put humans in the photo, it makes the landscape much more interesting!
  2. Find the light. When you take photos of landscapes or buildings, look for “great light”.  Think about where the light is, where it’s going.  Think about the sun, where is it shining?  What is the light hitting?  Where are the shadows!  All of this together you will be able to “find the light” and create a beautiful image.
  3. Keep your lens clean! This might sound silly, but if you are taking photos with your iPhone or a camera that you have thrown in your purse formost of your trip, make sure you carry a soft cloth to wipe your lens before you take those magical photos!
  4. Get closer. Often times we take photos from really far back when we’re on vacation.  Think about the details.  Get close up.  Even if you’re taking photos of people.
  5. Print your images! You might be asking yourself, where would I put them!  One of my favorite things to do is to when I get home from an epic vacation is to create an album for my trip!  You can create an album through a company like MPIX or Blurb!  They are great consumer printers!  The idea is to create a tangible memory that you can refer back to!  Get those images out of your computer and onto something that you can show off to your friends and family when they come over!

These are just a few things you can do to improve your Summer photo game!  You don’t even HAVE to be on vacation!  You can take these few tips and apply them around town as well!  We live in one of the most photographable cities in the world!  Washington DC is the perfect city because it’s super walkable and it’s easy to practice your “photo game” around town!  For those of you who don’t live in DC, you can do this in your hometown as well!

a Panoramic landscape view of Page Valley, VA

Private Photography Lessons

Did you get a new camera and aren’t sure how to use it?  Going on a trip and want to learn how to take amazing photos with the camera you have?  I would LOVE to teach you!  I offer private one-on-one (or two-on-one) sessions through The Chrystalain Creative!  Just fill out my Get in Touch form and choose “other” and let me know in the comments what you’d like to learn!  I’d be happy to customize a learning session for your exact needs!  Know someone who could benefit from photography lessons, feel free to pass them my info, or send me a note and we can chat about a gift certificate or a gift lesson!

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