Fall is Here, Can You Feel the Excitement?

FALL!  Growing up in California, I did not completely understand the concept of Fall or Autumn.  I saw it on TV or read about it in books, but in California, we have two seasons, Summer and Winter.  When summer is over, sometime in mid to late October, it becomes winter, it goes from hot, maybe 80 degrees to somewhere in the 50s.  If it’s a particularly bad winter, it’s somewhere in the 40s.  At least where I grew up, in Central California.  When I moved to San Diego, we had weird sporadic weather, sometimes in the “winter” it would still be 70 degrees, and sometimes in June, it would drop down to 50 degrees.  But the average throughout the year was probably closer to 70.  I was pretty much accustomed to wearing a coat around 60 degrees until I moved to the East Coast, now I can get buy with whatever long sleeve shirt or sweater I’m wearing, and I’m laughing at my fellow Californians for their warm blood when I go home for a visit.
When I moved to the East Coast, I moved at the end of October, just as Fall had started.  It was immediately the most magical weather I had ever experienced as well as the most beautiful scenery that I could have ever taken in.  I was intoxicated by the perfect temperature and the warm beautiful colors — red, orange, yellow, gold — nothing had come close to what I was seeing for the first time.  I don’t think much else is as magical as the leaves falling and the green turning into the fall colors either.  It’s that brief period that we are given, a moment have you to pause before the harsh cold winter comes to kill and destroy everything in it’s path.  This is why Fall is so magical…it’s a respite, a breath, a rest, a pause for us to take in the last bits of warmth and beauty before it is all ripped away, and I love every minute of it.
I took the photo that you see above at the very beginning of fall a few years ago and to this day, I think it is one of the most magical photos I have taken to date.  I think it represents all that Fall has to offer us in the most fairytale sort of way…it’s beautiful, peaceful, and it makes you want to sit there and just relax and soak in the day.
I like to spend as much time as I can outside during Fall.  I try to sit on my back deck, play with our two dogs.  If we get the chance to bbq or have a bonfire that is even better!  Fall is the time for family, friends, and getting together.  Fall sessions are my absolute favorite!  I love spending time with my clients and their families out in the woods or in parks taking in the beauty and helping them create amazing memories that will last!
The first utterance of Fall is always exciting!  …the drop in temperature, the first yellowing leaves, the pumpkin spice lattes, candles, etc…  My favorite has to be the cooler temperatures!  I love being able to wear boots and sweaters and I love my coats!  I cannot wait for it to be cool enough!  But for the time being, I think I will in fact savor the last remnants of summer, just so I don’t waste the opportunity….but I will definitely be on the look out for those traces of Fall popping up all around us!
Tell us your favorite Fall attributes, leave a comment below!!

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