Fall is my FAVORITE!

FALL is my favorite time of year and its FINALLY here!

Last weekend I trekked out past Leesburg to Point of Rocks, MD with some of my favorite people, the Metro Church Photography Club to explore some Fall Foliage.  We weren’t TOO lucky on our hike, but we did manage to find some super cool Fall/Autumn landscapes!  Even if they were small or “in town” instead of on our hike, we still had fun!
MCPC group posing for group shot at Point of Rocks canal
I’ve decided that my favorite part of shooting fall is shooting fall leaves still on the trees!  There is something about looking through the leaves towards the sun!  If you do, you will see the leaf bright and beautiful, and most likely a small sun-starburst!  Be on the lookout in the future, I think I am going to create a series on Fall Sunburst Leaves!  This will probably be one of my personal projects!  🙂

A myriad of fall images taken during hike at Point of Rocks, MD.

Like I said earlier, fall is my favorite time of year, I absolutely love the crispness in the air, I love wearing jeans and boots and coats and scarves!  I love hanging out with my friends and gathering around hot chocolate or pumpkin spice and all that jazz!  But most of all I love the photography!  It’s my favorite time of year to be outside photographing everything.  I admit, I don’t get nearly enough time to be outside doing that!  But I do enjoy the time that I get to explore how nature transitions from busy and robust green in the summer, to what seems like the slowing sluggish, simple browns, reds, and yellows of the fall color pattern.  I also love getting to take portraits of people outside.  Just look at the beautiful colors behind Angie and Matt in the portraits above!  It’s gorgeous!  And just think, right now it’s only mid transition!?  Any takers to be my guinea pigs during the fullness of fall colors!?  We’re getting close!!

I’m excited to hear more about your Fall adventures too!  Do you travel?  Do you start to wind down and go into hibernation mode like the bears!?  Day light savings does that to people!  Drop me a line, leave me a message on Facebook, or Instagram and let me know what your favorite Fall traditions are!  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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