Fathers Be Good to Your Daughters

Father’s Day is JUST around the corner and this month I really wanted to shine a spotlight on our dads!  Today’s society can be hard on dads.  We see a lot of homes that are single parent households and these homes tend to have mom running the show with dad nowhere to be found.  Dads can sometimes get a hard rap for being absent.  But there are dads out there who are not absent.  There are dads who try, try, and succeed.

I want you to know if your dad isn’t or wasn’t around, you are not alone.  In my experience, God raises up people in our lives to fill that Father figure role so that we are not completely without.  It then becomes our choice as to whether or not we are going to accept them.  If Father’s Day is a difficult time, just know that you are loved.

As Father’s Day is fast approaching, I had the honor of sitting down with and photographing Ashley and her lovable Dad, Glenn this past weekend.  I will say, it was an absolute HOOT.  I asked Ashley what it’s like having Glenn as a dad, and she said that 1. it’s awesome and 2. he’s funny.  She told me that he really isn’t all that strict of a dad, but I got the 411 and found out that Ashley is actually the youngest of 4 girls, and 1 younger brother.  So as an oldest daughter, I know that her poor older sisters probably had it a little bit more “strict” than her!  Talking to Glenn about his kids was beautiful to watch.  You could see the pride swell up on his face.  His children have most certainly made him a proud papa.

Ashley is in college at NOVA, studying to be a teacher.  She has a pretty social life, so Dad is starting to really feel the effects of having almost all of his children out of the house, except for the youngest, their son, Josh.  Glenn and his wife, Lucreda have fostered a close family dynamic and you can see it, even without meeting all of their children, it is absolutely beautiful to witness.

I asked Ashley and Glenn what their Father’s Day plans were, and Ashley told me she planned on making her dad a fancy Salmon dish for his special day. (This was after a hilarious and lengthy conversation about how he got left out of the last salmon dish that she had made for her mother).  He requested that the salmon be grilled!  I asked her if she liked to cook, and she replied yes emphatically.  It is clear that the bond between these two is very strong.  It’s really great to see such an awesome relationship between a Father and a young woman.  A relationship that is full of respect, authenticity, love, kindness and even fun.  This is truly a testament to Glenn and his family.

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