Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Print Photographer

With so many options for photography out there, it can be extremely hard to decide what kind of photographer to choose.  There are primarily two types of photographers.  There are photographers who will give your digital images and then leave you on your own.  And then there are Print photographers who may cost a little more, but will walk with you through every step of the photographic process and in the end you will receive beautiful heirloom quality art for your walls or coffee table.  Print photographers are few and far between, but when you can find a quality photographer — who is willing to sit down with you, help you to design a photo shoot based on you and/or your family’s photographic needs, and then help you through choosing which of your favorite photos will end up on your walls — this is a keeper!

Think about the last time you were at your grandparents house!  We just visited my husband’s grandparents in March.  It was such an awesome time, learning about their history, all about their brothers and sisters and parents.  And then came the photos.  Grandma brought out her most prized possessions…the family photos, her own heirlooms.  She brought out photos of her grandparents, beautiful old black and white images of her brothers all dolled up in their military uniforms and her cousins even.  I grabbed this photo to the left of my husband and his grandmother because it was so precious.  I want this to be me and my grandchildren some day.  I want to pull out my albums and photos and go through and say, this was my cousin and this is your great-aunt, she lives in California.  What a moment.

If you are new to print photography or may be wondering why you should hire a print photographer over a purely digital photographer, I am going to give you five reasons why you should hire a print photographer for your next photo shoot…

  1. Print photographers may take a bit longer to get your images back to you, but rest assured, they are painstakingly working through precise edits for each one of your print requests.
  2. Print photographers also take time to sit with you to discuss your print and photographic needs.  They are there with you from the first step of the process through to the very end.  They may even come to your home and help you decide where to place your print art before or after you order it.
  3. Print photographers know the value of high quality print photographs, wall art, and albums.  They can help guide you to the print products that you might need or maybe to something you didn’t even know existed!  They know that your photographs deserve to be printed on the highest quality of materials and preserved through the best methods possible.
  4. Print photographers also value the generational and heirloom characteristics of print photography.  They know that when you print on the highest qualities of paper and purchase the highest qualities of artwork, those products will last several lifetimes and will be passed down for generations to come.
  5. Print photographers pay homage to the photographers from eras before them.  They keep the print tradition alive by continuing to print on heirloom paper and even sometimes using heirloom cameras.  They also recognize your photographs as art and treat them as such keeping with tradition and printing on only the highest quality of papers and canvases.

If you have decided to go with a Print Photographer for your next photo shoot, I would love to sit down and talk to you about the vision for your shoot!  Get in touch with The Chrystalain Creative today!

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