Rob+Tia: A Bermuda Wedding

Leaving on Friday was the best decision I could have possibly made.  I was able to spend some quality time with the Bride & Groom along with the wedding party, take in some sun, soak in the pool, take a trip to the beach.  I was also able to spend time with some of Rob’s amazing family who reside in Bermuda!  They were some of the nicest most amazing people I’ve ever met, I love weddings because they bring people together, and this wedding was no exception.  It was exceptional.  Rob’s family brought in those of us who flew in from the US with open arms, I saw them love on Tia’s family and friends and make them part of their own family.  It was truly something special to witness.  I think in part that is what made this wedding so spectacular as you will see throughout these photos.  There was so much love.  There is love at most weddings, I’m sure, but this wedding was extraordinarily beautiful.

Friday and Saturday were filled with relaxing and last minute wedding planning, including an extra fun bachelorette bash to be envied.  It was truly a spectacular occasion.  Before we knew it Sunday was upon us.  We all slept in a bit tired from the sun and fun.  We arose and made some breakfast and then after a short nap the beautiful bride got set to getting ready for her 6:30 marriage appointment to her knight in shining armor!

Getting ready was a fun affair to include some champers and fruit, a make-up artist who really knew what she was doing, and a little learning curve in putting wedding dresses on!  Everything was accomplished in due time and we were off to get Tia & Rob hitched!

The ceremony was short and full of sweet moments after which Tia turned and saw the most amazing rainbow to which we raced towards but faded before we got any great photos, that’s ok because little did she know that there was a rainbow shining upon her during the ceremony!  Everything couldn’t have been more perfect for these two and I was honored to be apart of their most amazing day.  Thank you Tia & Rob for sharing your special day with me, I am honored to share these special memories with you.  Here is just a taste of Tia & Rob’s Bermuda wedding day…

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