The Fighter

There are people you meet in life that you just instantly know will not back down from a fight, a battle, a challenge.  And you learn rather quickly to not get in their way.  Not in a bad way, (those people exist too), what I’m talking about, are the ones who when you meet them, you know that they have gone through challenges in life and have come out the other side victorious.  And those victories have given them more than enough confidence in life to persevere when new challenges arise.  These are the women I call “Fighters”.

Meet my beautiful friend India.  India is a fighter.  This month we honor India and women like India who have served our great military.  If that’s you, thank you for your service.  India served 6 years, Active Duty in the US Air Force as a Communications Officer.  She was able to travel all over the world and live in amazing places!  She told me that she had some of the best training in the world and got to work with some of the brightest people ever!

India believes she, herself is “definitely a fighter”.  She went on to say that “once [she’s] made up [her] mind about something, [she] won’t allow anything to stop [her].”  A fighter isn’t someone who walks around looking for a fight or a chance to give it to someone good.  She is someone who in India’s words “sees a challenge and meets it head on”.  The Oxford English Dictionary says a fighter is “a person who does not easily admit defeat in spite of difficulties or opposition”.  India has seen her share of opposition and difficulty.  When she was in college, she left the Air Force Academy and went to a University to finish up her college education and get her Officer Commission for the US Air Force.  Because all of her credits only transferred to a specific school, she ended up having to travel over 45 min each way 3-4 times per week to attend Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC).  She described this season as very difficult and she questioned whether or not this was God’s path for her.  But she was encouraged constantly by God’s presence as He would put someone or something in her life at just the right time to reaffirm that it was the right way.

I think we can all relate to that.  We question what the motive is behind whatever challenge we are going through.  Sometimes our doubt can come in and take over.  The heart of the fighter is to look past all of that doubt and worry and look for what God is trying to reveal.  For India it was that this was the correct path.  For someone else it may be that this is a door that is closing.  Today, India has learned a lot about the way she fights through her challenges.  She says that she relies A LOT on Gods guidance more than she ever did before. 

I asked India what advice she would have for young women with a “fighter” spirit, and she said “Be you.  It’s ok to be different  Do what you love.  Don’t listen to naysayers.  If you’re unsure of something, seek God first.”

I absolutely love this.  I think it’s so important, and I think we often get a little wrapped up in what other people think.  It’s important to get out there and overcome the challenges that are set before you.  I also asked her if she could offer us up some advice for anyone who doesn’t feel like they are a “fighter” or may not have the ability to fight for themselves, and she said “Pray.  A lot.  Seriously.  You can’t do this thing called life on your own, so don’t isolate yourself.  God will always send angels on earth and provide exactly what you need.  Trust in Him.”  

Thank you India for being an inspiration.  I think we can all take a little bit of your courage and insight and tackle something big, together.


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