The Overcomer

I know this blog post is a little late…this past week has been absolutely miserable on the East Coast.  If you have friends here (or live here) you should ask them about it.  Or maybe you can relate.  For those of us allergy sufferers, we have felt like we were dying!  The pollen count has been ridiculously high and it has taken a lot of people out, including myself!  While I felt quite bad about not getting this blog post out, I knew that I needed to take care of myself and make sure that I was recuperating and getting healthy!  For those of you still suffering, I am so sorry!  I pray you overcome those allergies very soon and I hope this blog post gives you a little respite while you are in pain…

To Overcome: “to succeed in dealing with [a problem or difficulty]; OR to defeat [an opponent] or prevail; OR [of an emotion] to overpower or overwhelm.  In a sense, an Overcomer is someone who with great strength and dignity accomplishes a task that was really challenging.  The Overcomer comes out of this task as the victor, the champion, the conqueror have you.  Why am I talking about “the overcomer” do you ask?  Because you are an Overcomer. I am an Overcomer and I am going to introduce you to my friend Christine today, who is an Overcomer.

Each month I am going to introduce you to a new attribute that lies deep down within yourself.  Something that you might not know is there or maybe some part of your character that you do know you walk in freely!  I am going to introduce you to a new friend each month who has graciously chosen to share a story of a time they felt this characteristic was most prevalent in their lives.  Today I want to introduce you to my friend Christine.  Christine and I met just a few short months ago in a class at church.  My first impression of Christine was that she was an incredibly outgoing, strong woman who knew who she was and was not afraid to tell it like it was!  I instantly wanted to be her friend!

Christine grew up in a lifestyle where she had to change schools constantly.  She literally changed schools 9 times before she ever got to college, and no, neither of her parents were in the military.  As Christine shares, this can be really rough on a child and is not an ideal situation.  Christine was going to learn how to overcome adversity from a young child, and she did.  She is  the epitome of a true overcomer!  She embodies the overcomer spirit, someone who succeeds in dealing with problems and defeats her opponents and overpowers and overwhelms the negative emotions when they arise.  She learned to do this as she navigated the hallways of each new school and in meeting each new friend along her path.  It has truly transformed her into the woman she is today.  She has the ability to talk to and make friends with pretty much anyone she meets.  In that, she can instantly make those same people feel at home and comfortable around her as well.  What a precious gift.  When many suffer from this very lifestyle and turn it into a bitterness and a resentment, she has overcome (defeated) those things and turned them into positives.

I asked Christine if she were given the choice to go back and do it again, if she would, and her response was indicative of someone who had truly Overcome that which we would call adversity, she said, “Yes, absolutely. If I knew what I know now, it would have been easier to understand why I had to go through the times that felt lonely and frustrating.”

I admire her strength and her courage.  I think we can all see a bit of ourselves in Christine’s story.  At what point in our lives have we had to overcome something really hard?  Maybe you grew up without a father?  Maybe you’ve been through a divorce or a cancer scare?  maybe you’re going through something right now!  I know that wherever you are at, you have the Conquerer Spirit of the Overcomer within you!

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