What is a Headshot and Why Do I Need One?

Open your Linkedin profile and tell me what you see?  Tell me about the image!  Is it a selfie?  Is it something your husband took while you were on vacation in Tahiti last year?  Is it something your co-worker snapped with her iPhone when you were at that conference a few months ago?

A headshot is a professional photo taken by a professional photographer to use in a professional setting.  This can be on your website, on social media, or even on your business card.  One of the perks of being in the professional world is that I get to see these “professional” photos all the time, they are often times selfies or photos that friends have snapped on their phones, I try not to cringe as I friend them or take their business card.  One other one I get all the time is the glamour photo from the 1980s!  If that’s you, give me a call today!

I love seeing all of these photos because it reminds me WHY we need professional headshot photography in the first place.  As professionals, we want to put our best foot (or head) forward.  When I hand you a business card with a photo of myself on it, I want to make sure it’s a photo of my best self.  Or if I am sending you to my Linkedin profile with ALL of my professional accomplishments, in hopes to create a professional network or to possibly land a job, I want to make sure when you see my photo, you’re going to remember me as a professional and nothing else.

It’s even more important if your digital footprint is your first impression.  They say that it takes less than a second to make a first impression.  If your profile photo is professionally done, people will stay on it longer, it will draw attention and not be dismissed as easily as something or someone else.  Remember, the goal of getting your face out there is to be remembered and to show that you are professional in your online and print media presence.

The question is how do we do that?  It is simple!  The first step is to book your very own, personalized Professional Headshot Session with The Chrystalain Creative!  The second step is to use the images from your session to enhance your personal brand by creating a consistent image presence across all of your social media and print media (i.e. business cards or flyers) and any other online presence you may have (i.e. website or online store).  These are the many reasons for keeping that headshot up to date & not using those old selfies in any of your online presences!

To get more information on booking Your Personalized Professional Headshot Session, click here! 

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