What is Fine Art Beauty Photography?

I never really had many girl-friends growing up.  I tended to flock more towards the boys.  I felt like there was less drama in those circles.  I would get frustrated with the girls in my class because they would fuss over things that I thought weren’t that important.  This is something I have really struggled with throughout my life.  I have tried to make it a point to purposefully seek out strong female relationships and I am beyond grateful for the few women in my life that I can call close personal and even best friends.  There are also several women that I look up to.  Have you ever met a woman and just thought, “I wish she could be my mentor or even my mom or grandma?!”  It’s because of all of these women that I have begun to pursue Fine Art Beauty Photography specifically focused on Women.

Fine Art Photography is just a fancy way of saying photography that has a purpose or is created to have a specific meaning behind it.  I love the idea of curating sessions with magnificent women at the center.  Women that I look up to, women that I respect, and women that I just simply love to their very core.  It is for that reason that I am launching Created Beauty.  This will be the brand for my Fine Art Beauty Photography.

Created Beauty is a visual picture of who we were created to be.  It is meant to speak to He who has created us as well as to release who we are created to be.  I love the idea of using photography as a medium to speak life and boldness into the lives of the women who will sit in front of my camera.

These sessions are all about you!  We will discuss your vision for the session, create a theme, gather ideas for wardrobe, make-up and hair.  The day of the session we will meet and you will be pampered with your personal hair and make-up team!  We will then work together to create your perfect Created Beauty shoot.

I truly believe that women like us have so much going on in our every day lives – we have to work, pick up the dry cleaning, get the groceries, maybe tend to the children, prepare meals, tend to our relationships, our friendships, and on and on and on – that we often forget to take care of ourselves.  I will honestly say that it is rare that I get to go out and do anything for myself, and I think many women are in the same boat.  The question is When?  When will it be time to do something for yourself?

Created Beauty was designed with YOU in mind!  Here are five reasons Created Beauty is for you:

1.     Created Beauty is meant to bring out the best in you, it is meant to capture the essence of who you are as a woman!  You will feel like a super star!

2.     Created Beauty is meant for you at whatever stage of life you are at!  Are you married, single?  Just gave birth? Did your last child just go off to college?  The Created Beauty Sessions exist to mark where you are right now on your journey!  Take a minute and look around, look at the beauty in your mess!  Isn’t it wonderful?

3.     Created Beauty portraits are a gift!  They can be a gift for you or a friend or a partner!  They make beautiful wall art or albums!

4.     Created Beauty portrait sessions allow “You to be you!”  You can wear whatever makes you feel fabulous!  It is your time to shine!  We will help you with wardrobe, hair, and make up!

5.     Created Beauty Portrait Sessions can be a shared experience with a friend!  Would you like to do a mother-daughter session?  Or a best friend session?  That is absolutely possible!

If you are interested in booking one of our Exclusive Created Beauty Sessions, please fill out our Contact Form by clicking here!


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